Admission & Audition Process for Transfer Students

The application for the 体彩官方app是真的吗-21 school year is now open. In order to be considered for admission, please be sure to submit a complete application no later than 3pm May 1st. 

A complete application includes:

  • Submitted application, or paper*
  • Up-to-date high school transcript, including in-process credits from the current semester
  • Attendance record

*Early applications will not be considered.

Eligible students are invited to audition. Admission is based on openings in each class. You may also fill out our  for updates. Please only fill out this form if the transfer application is closed. Filling it out in lieu of the application will risk a student’s opportunity to transfer for the next semester. A link to the application is below.

Questions to ask:

Is there space available?
Any students interested in transferring to ChiArts for the 体彩官方app是真的吗-21 school year may apply in March 体彩官方app是真的吗. Auditions are scheduled for eligible students regardless of any immediate openings. Admissible students will be placed on a wait list if no immediate seats are available. If you have questions, please contact our Admissions office.
体彩官方app是真的吗Phone: 773-534-9718
Email: admissions@

Do I Qualify? 
We have provided a Transfer Guide to see if you may qualify. You are ineligible if you do NOT meet these minimum academic requirements:

  • GPA: 2.5 or higher
  • Attendance rate: 92% or higher
  • Earned credits on track with ChiArts graduation requirements (please see Transfer Guide linked here)

I think I’m eligible. What’s the process?

If the transfer application is open, complete the following steps. If the transfer application is not open, you must wait until it reopens. Any applications submitted before the transfer application opens will not be considered.

1. Apply. . Online application is highly encouraged. If you prefer paper, download and complete our paper application. Please be sure to indicate for which grade you are applying.
2. Submit your documents. You must submit your complete, most recent transcript, including all credits you’ve earned and your current grades.  If you have attended more than one high school, please send records of all credits earned from 9th grade to present. Submit both of these documents, preferably together, to:

via email to admissions@

or via fax to 773.534.4022

Transcripts and earned credits will be evaluated, and eligible applicants will be invited to audition. Please note that the evaluation process can take weeks, so your patience is appreciated.

It is the responsibility of the student to send in complete applications and transcripts before the deadline set by the Admissions office. The Admissions office cannot move forward in the process without first reviewing an applicants academic standing.